cheap this option is great for models with lightning speed internet

Rating The web protection of NIS 2010 is effective but like any other protection tools, it is not perfect. During the review, I visited a malicious site and performed unsafe downloads. NIS 2010’s Safe Web protection also missed protecting against an unsafe download.

Unfortunately the Arrive’s 720p HD capabilities fare about the same, it looks more like very good QVGA video rather than true 720P. Overall it is a very lackluster performance in the camera department.Multimedia on the other hand is well handled, 720p HD is played without an issue and the Zune functionality is pleasing, unfortunately using the microUSB to sync a PC with Zune is rather problematic, there is no manual configuration available and Zune syncing sometimes freezes or malfunctions, it is advisable to use Bluetooth for best results when PC transferring. The music player has Dolby Mobile and SRS sound enhancement, both of which are absolutely fantastic when heard via headphones.Microsoft office users will be pleased, the Arrive comes with the Pocket Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, PDF viewer) and finally the much awaited paste and copy capability, it works relatively well, but it is not the best paste and copy feature out there.Rating Now we arrive at the most important series of tests, we check the phone’s call quality, web browser and battery life.The HTC Arrive has outstanding call quality, the Arrive can even hold onto a signal in dead zones.