4D Branding offers a revolutionary four-dimensional model for understanding brand strengths and weaknesses. It can be used to create a new brand or analyze the strategic options for established brands. The model enables companies to create their own unique “Brand Code” or “Mind Space”, the unique corporate DNA, which can be used to drive every aspect of a business – from product innovation to recruitment.

Author: Thomas Gad with foreword by Sir Richard Branson

Publisher: Financial Times-Prentice Hall, London

Bookhouse, Stockholm, ISBN: 0273653687


Framsida ManagingBrandMe

Managing Brand Me – how to build your personal brand

This highly practical guide delivers easy-to-use powerful tools that will help you create your own brand and manage it with style.Promote yourself wherever you go. Know what you stand for and you will stand out from everybody else. What do you stand for?

Author: Thomas Gad and Annette Rosencreutz

Publisher: Pearson Education, London ISBN: 184304174