Annette Rosencreutz

Annette Rosencreutz has a wealth of international practical experience in branding strategy, communication and high-end tailored events, stimulating growth with businesses, people and entrepreneurial ventures. She has a long experience of working with entrepreneurs and owner led companies. Annette is working with their proprietary 4 D branding methodology across businesses and ventures of various size and areas with: launching, re-branding, digital branding, M&A, start-up growth, mobile branding, user experience, social media strategy, one-to-one marketing, internationalization, etc. Art & business, cultural institutions, places and personal branding strategy for individuals. Annette Rosencreutz has worked with a large a number of international companies, such as Vodafone, Ericsson, Airbus, Exxon, Sal Oppenheim/Deutsche Bank, NetJets, Intralinks, Wolters Kluwer, Brille24, Xing and a vast number of companies within fashion, beauty, well-being and lifestyle of various sizes, fast growing entrepreneurial companies within tech and mobile, theatres and art projects as well as the government of Sweden, Republic of Macedonia ( and Tblisi/Georrgia. Part of Sommet du Luxe in Paris. The landscape of brandbuilding has changed dramatically over the past years and keeps changing rapidly. The more the development of technology enables us to live our lives online, the more we go back to relationships as they were before the industrial revolution. But in a new way. To successfully build a brand today, you have to think relations. The more you understand the basic human values, relationships and emotional drivers, the easier you will communicate with your clients, building up lasting and trustful relations. The customer experience is in focus, and the relationship being developed between the brand and customer has become far more important than the previous relationship between the product itself and the customer.