Let us tailor a lecture that fits your needs and intentions perfectly.

Thomas Gad is a very experience, appreciated and reasonable priced lecturer. He always gets the highest ratings whenever and wherever lecturing. One example: EO – the world Entrepreneurs Organisation with access to the world’s best business lecturers rated him for instance as one of their best ever lecturers. Thomas has lectured for all typ of audiences: for top C-level business people in China, USA and Europe.  For all employees in big enterprises on Customer Experience. For governments in countries and cities as part of a Place Branding initiative. For women entrepreneurs on international women’s conferences, this he did with his partner Annette Rosencreutz, also a very good woman lecturer focused on Personal Branding. This just to name a few of the many different situations and topics within the area of “management of perception in peoples minds”, “customer experience”, “innovation”, “the human impact of the digital technology in today business on employees, customers and users”. Below are three typical types of lecturers. Beyond these feel free to ask for something special that fits your specific needs or situation.

Branding for startups

Thomas Gad typically does a 2 hour lecture that is truly mind blowing and  inspiring for entrepreneurs. He gives a perspective on branding, explain how branding has totally changed today as a result of the impact of new digital technology. And he also teaches entrepreneur how to use branding techniques, prior to developing the product as a way to maximise the success of in the minds of people, by learning what’s going on there in the first place and being able to manage peoples perception. He shows example how to accelerate the growth by doing tangible and simple things right when launching. The entrepreneurs have an opportunity to tap in to the mind of one of the most start-up experienced branding authorities in world. After the lecture Thomas sometimes does very appreciated one-to-one sessions with the start-up teams, and in some cases agrees to become advisory board member for the the start-ups.

Customer Experience for enterprises.

For most enterprises Customer Experience has become one of the most interesting topics. Thomas Gad typically does a 2 hour lecture on the latest insights and mindsets on how to create a competitive advantage by becoming excellent in communicating, serving and pleasing the customers. He gives the entire background based on latest brain research, social network research and behavioural changes caused by the impact of new digital technology: how the web, including the mobile devices has changed customer patterns. He introduces a technique to systematically “code” each an every customer touch-points, synchronising it with the leadership intention and the enterprise brand, and all the touch-points with each other. The feedback he gets of these Customer Experience lectures are enthusiastic expressions like: ” spot-on”, “amazingly simple and effective”, “a totally new approach, far beyond traditional marketing”, “a strategy to penetrate inside the consumers minds”.


Personal Branding  in organisations.

Annette Rosencreutz and Thomas Gad wrote the book classic on the subject: “Managing Brand Me” some 10 years ago. Now they are soon out with a new book: “Brand Me Fame”. Together as lecturers in a 2 hour format they share all their vast knowledge on how to deal with your personal brand, including your self motivation, finding your own drive in life and business, managing your reputation and make yourself “famous” in your world for being an interesting, social, mentoring role model to others, and becoming an interesting and admired person for other, all based on enhancing your personal authentic self. They introduce their method of how to build your own personal brand, with example of well-known people. As a part of their lectures Annette and Thomas usually do several interactive sessions in which you are able to explore your own personal brand potential, this can if you like make you become interested of doing the whole process, on your own with the help of the book or by joining one of their many open two day Personal Branding Workshops. Business can have an interest in supporting their key people with Personal Branding, especially in business in which key sales people or consultants are becoming their own brands with the customers, and at the same time are co-branded with the company they work for. Personal Branding is an effective way to openly deal with the potential conflicts and great opportunities for these type of businesses.