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Although the grand French gastronomic meal has just been beatified by Unesco, that gives little indication of the sheer variety of places to eat you can find here in Paris, from haute cuisine temples to all day cafs,
TaylorMade R7, eccentric wine bars, vintage bistros and the new "bistronomiques" serving affordable modern cuisine in a casual setting. The pared back dining room provides the stage for a panoply of dishes, from minuscule appetisers a tuna meringue, a clam with diced veg to a whirlwind of desserts, all propelled by a fleet of lithe waiters. Although Pierre Gagnaire is often associated with molecular cuisine in his collaborations with scientist Herv,
TaylorMade R1, this is real food,
Titleist 913, not froths and foams, with perfect seasoning and an extraordinary variety of flavours and textures.