they moved rugs

Trust takes time. Otherwise this will eventually happen again. Neither side will get the best price. For Tuesdays and weekends. PRIORITYThese other two are also rated as "three stars" by Michelin:VILLANDRY,
DEADWOOD DVD COMPLETE COLLECTION, 12 miles west of Tours, gardens are key focus, open 9 6 for chateau, last great Renaissance chateau built in Loire Valley; Super wonderful gardens with many water features and other unique attractions!CHAMBORD,
THE MUSKETEERS SEASONS 1-2 DVD, ten miles east of Blois, with curved exterior towers,
MOM SEASON 1 DVD, double curved interior staircase and Italian influence,
THE MISSING SEASON 1 DVD, largest in Loire Valley with 440 rooms, 365 fireplaces, begun in 1523, can rent horses here to ride in nearby woods, downside: few furnishing on interior and big to see in short visit; royalty of this period did not keep their furnishings at each location, they moved rugs, tapestries, furnishings, etc. Chambord is at a little distance from some of the other locations.