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TaylorMade SLDR Price, the dual SCSI TopSpin 200 provides the lowest cost per attached drive in the CD ROM networking industry.The new multiprotocol CD ROM servers feature single and dual SCSI connections for direct connection of 1 to 14 CD ROM drives. They also feature Logical Unit Number (LUN) support,
Ping G25 Price, allowing connection of up to 56 CDs or drives through the use of CD changers or LUN expanders.The TopSpin 200 installs and automatically configures itself as a NetWare, NT (SMB),
TaylorMade R15 Sale, Network File System (NFS) and Web server,
Ping G25 Sale, allowing users in each of these environments to employ familiar commands to simultaneously access CDs. The TopSpin 200 family is ideal for larger workgroups requiring fast data retrieval and access to large numbers of CD ROMs.Independent File ServerPerforming as an independent CD ROM server, the TopSpin 200 family operates independently of any other file server or client workstation to connect up to 14 CD ROM drives directly to an Ethernet local area network.