3/10/2008Frederick R. Liewehr DDS

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Titleist CB Sale, Diplomate ABOMS, retired Q: I used to be a mouth breather, having my mouth open all the time for about 15 years or less. This .A: Zayn If you are unable to close your lips without strain, that does,
Ping G20 Sale, in fact, indicate that there .Is it customary for a dentist to show a patient their ex rays?3/10/2008Frederick R. Liewehr DDS, MS, FICD Q: Is it customary for a dentist to show the patient their ex rays? My family just started seeing a new .A: Personally I show my patients what I see,
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Titleist Vokey Sale, DDS, MBA Q: how strong are a humans teeth?A: Teeth are just about the strongest thing in the human body, though the more correct adjective would .nerve pain3/10/2008Tony Appleton BDS DPDS Q: A few months ago I went to my dentist because I was having pain on biting.