Brandflight is an international consultancy specialized in strategic brand development; including brand innovation, brand extension and internationalization, brand scripting, story creation and brand relation building.

Brandflight was founded in 1997 and we are today a team with a great network of partners in supporting disciplines. Brandflight has offices in London, Moscow, Stockholm, Berlin and Palo Alto.

Our belief is that there are two types of branding. The old school TRANSACTION branding and the new school RELATION branding. Transaction brands are branding product or service while Relation brands are branding the relationship between the customer (or any other stakeholder) and the brand. Relation brands are not only much faster and less costly to establish, but also more effective, since under the same relationship brand umbrella you can market different products or services, even in different categories. To create RELATION brands is our belief and focus.

The Brand is a management tool, answering an important question: “What does the company, product, or service stand for?” Branding is the values-based relationship between a trademark and its audience. Branding is a process beginning with finding the “meaning” Branding is a process beginning with finding the “meaning” of a company. The “meaning” is the driving force, or idea, that its business is all about. The meaning should not be confused with the strategy of the company; the meaning is usually a part of it, encapsulated within the strategy. The absolute requirement of a “meaning” is passion, dedication and personal support from the leaders company.

Change driver of our times

All times have their change drivers. Ours is the dramatic impact on today’s business by the digital technologies and it’s applications in almost every area. Now in branding it’s all about INDIVIDUALIZATION. The traditional advertising and marketing driven world feels totally obsolete, with it’s mechanic collective target group thinking, one-size-fits-all, and reliance on pushy non-respectful massmedia. This in a world without borders, with total transparence, and with soon 2 billion smart phones, making almost every consumer on earth able to have a direct connection to the owners of brands. People are now shamelessly reviewing brands, the power is shifting. Individual customers and users now have to be taken seriously. Their demands often results in a brand that is different than what it was planned to be.My mission for the last 15 years have been to change branding and to create insights among all leaders in the branding and marketing. I introduced very early the idea of relation brands. My job and passion is to prepare business people working for brands to enter the new times with a new approach and to become successful. This includes involvement, participation, respect for the individual and a totally international perspective with great story telling, or brand scripting and recurring surprising (every company needs a CSO, Chief Surprise Officer) to keep the brand relations vivid and fresh.

Thomas Gad, founder of Brandflight

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